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Can you envision the pace at which e-waste is growing? It is definitely multiplying at a rate faster than ever imagined. To balance this out, San Francisco E-waste, a division of Blue Star Company, employs a team of specialists who are adept in their own sphere of influence. They have a command over the comprehensive knowledge of e-waste clearance and reprocessing techniques.


Electronic Recycling is the dedicated service for recycling the computer equipment along with …


San Francisco e-Waste is an organisation, well-known in the field of data destruction by making the use of the most..


We Buy your Old or Obsolete Electronics to recover your assets!


A Free Pickup For Businesses Minimum One Pallet ( 20 Items Plus With A Mixture Of Computers Laptops Etc). There Is...


San Francisco E-waste is very proud to be a part of Blue Star Company, Inc. We work hard to handle e-waste or electronic waste, which is generated by various producers – each person who has a connection to electronic technology. To effectively manage e-waste without jeopardizing the environment,we go the extra mile to cater to your needs.

The bitter pill that we swallow is the harm we are causing to the environment and the devastation that faces our future generations. To avoid the exposure of our planet to these high risks of e-waste production, we offer across-the-board IT Asset Disposition Services. Our extensive menu of services includes: data security, data destruction, corporate employee sales, redeployment, remarketing, lease return,recycling, etc. We will pick up your electronics at your place of business, resulting in environmentally-safe recycling for all types of information technology.