San Francisco e-waste has set a benchmark in the process of recycling methodology. Our highly nimble-fingered team takes extra care of the security of your data and sees that all the environmental statutes are strictly followed. We have our own recycling centers that consider all the e-waste we take in, as a gainful prospect for us. You can have one-time confidence on the amenities provided by us. A wonderful opportunity is knocking at your doorstep to secure your information. As an add-on, we pledge to provide you with the most optimum solution and the unsurpassed by any other such service providers in the market.


Wiki says.


“Electronic waste or e-waste describes discarded electrical or electronic devices. Used electronics which are destined for reuse, resale, salvage, recycling or disposal are also considered e-waste. Informal processing of electronic waste in developing countries may cause serious health and pollution problems, as these countries have limited regulatory oversight of e-waste processing.”


Here we understand that recycling is not just shredding the waste but to convert the discarded e-waste into reusable material. Your electronic waste at San Francisco e-waste goes through a recycling system, which recycles 95-98%, by weight, of all e-waste passed through it. Side by side ensures that any data is not left on hard drives and memories and is thoroughly destroyed. So Recycling is an inevitable step in the waste reduction process i.e. an alternative to “conventional” waste disposal.


San Francisco e-waste knows the need of recycling:


According to the EPA, there is addition of 20-50 million metric tons of e-waste per year globally which is further aggravated by the wrong methods of the followed by the informal sectors which also contribute to the health risks. It can also be responsible for causing the pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. So we never hock for our services with the embroidered claims, bogus promises, or attention-grabber promotions because the results of their services themselves. We always follow the correct techniques which mitigates the problem.

We are a certified recycler and responsibly follow all the governmental protocols.


Benefits of electronic recycling with us as we follow multi-pronged strategies:


We recover the treasured materials like the metals from the timeworn electronic items which can be reused to make new products thus we conserve the natural resources. Like we assist in salvaging of the plastic and glass thus mitigating the environmental pollution.


We provide free pick up facility from your place which may bother you.


We help in reducing the health risk which can be caused due to the exposure of people to the lethal substances.


We don’t let your products go waste as we do the arrangements for the donation of your electronic equipment which is of no further use for you thus benefiting the community thus stop larger quantity of e-waste from reaching the landfills.


We also take care that our large varieties of services contribute in increasing the availability of the jobs for large number of people thus improving the economy of the country.


Don’t fall into the trap of the gypsies boasting to be the best service providers, offering services at exorbitant prices. Our proficiency in this industry has created a forte as we use the best methods to recycle, reclaim and reuse.

Transform E-Waste into Bliss