San Francisco e-waste is very proud today to be a part of Blue Star Company Inc. We work here with all our efforts to handle the e-waste generated by various producers. To manage the e-waste produced by you in an effective way, without prejudicing the environment that sustains your life, we always try to put the extra efforts to cater your needs.


The bitter pill to chew is the harm we are causing to the environment just to gain few bugs and are ready to present a devastated world to our future generation. To avoid the exposure of our planet to these high risks of e-waste we offer across-the-board IT asset disposal services. Our array of services include data security, data destruction, corporate employee sales, redeployment, remarketing, lease return etc. You need not take stress for the pickup from your place and as an add on you can expect an environmentally safe recycling for all types of information technology.


San Francisco e-waste has a big confident team, who provide the services like the asset disposition without negotiating the security of your crucial data, which gives us an edge in the market. Thus without thinking much you may avoid the hardships faced in the process of safe computer equipment liquidation by using the services provided by the San Francisco e-waste. Thus, save the environment without bringing a halt in the flow of your customary work and maintain your position in the market.


There is so much competition in the market in the field of e-waste management that every service provider claims to be the best. However, it is the need of the hour that you choose an authentic service provider so that you need not regret later. A big queue of our customers is satisfied with the multilevel services provided by us and that too at very competitive rates.