Celebrate Mother Nature This International Women’s Day

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08 Mar Celebrate Mother Nature This International Women’s Day

Our Mammas are who we can’t live without, but it’s the Mother Nature without whom, we can’t think about our survival.

We try to give our mammas the splendid and bespoke luxuries of this world without compromise for what all she has done for us throughout our life, but why is it that when it comes to reciprocating the similar feeling of gratitude towards the Mother – our Mother Nature, who without having to ask has given us so much, we hold back on our promise for forever service till our last breath?

This International Women’s Day let’s not just celebrate the undefeated, unbeatable and unparalleled spirit of mothers, daughters, aunts, grandmothers, achievers, go-getters, fighters, struggles and survivors, but also the graciousness and nurturing spirit of our Mother Nature who despite the constant acts of degradation and exploitation is struggling with all her might to stand affirm on her promise to feed, nurture and nourish his infinite sons and daughters.

The constant struggles and the compromises on the part of millions of women across the globe are what have revolutionized the status quo of the women in society today. The empowered and powerful role of women than ever before is now being celebrated, commemorated and encouraged all the more across societies, countries, geographies, and economies. The world is bringing forth the larger than life benefits associated with gender adversity and what each woman is capable of putting forth in every sphere of life. Diane Mariechild has mind-blowingly scribbled in one of her novels that,” A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform”. What better example than our Mother Nature to honor, acknowledge and salute her uninhibited strength, perseverance, and beauty.

This International Women’s Day just like we are toasting to the equal rights and the freedom of the incredibly powerful, classy, intelligent, forward, and thoroughly capable women around the world, let’s take a step forward in preserving and reviving the rights of the Mother Nature by conserving her rights to live a life without the cruel acts of exploitation, degradation and deterioration of her precious, invaluable and non-renewable natural resources.

How you ask?

By cutting down our immeasurable consumption and usage of electronic devices, gadgets and IT assets that we as citizens of this planet are carrying out on large scale, putting our natural resources, ores, and fossils at the brink of extinction. With new technologies coming up each other, people have taken upon