It Was A Great Year – 2018!

Happy New Year

31 Dec It Was A Great Year – 2018!

We, at Blue Star Electronics Recycling, located at 6748 Preston Ave. Suite G, in Livermore, would like to thank our customers for their loyalty in helping to recycle over one million pounds of e-waste in 2018. We thank you for your friendship and faith in our services.

The New Year looks brighter for our planet, thanks to our customers who recycle with us. We take pride in being able to have donated over $1,500.00 to the California fire victims. Your generosity is appreciated.

Resolve to Recycle

Remember that it’s not too early to kick in those New Year’s resolutions. Our planet needs saving and who else is there better to do it? Keep the promise year ‘round that you will do your part to help the environment. Once you purchase new electronics, show your old ones our door, and leave behind your energy-draining technology that could create potential health issues for you and your family.

By donating your unused, impractical items, you may be setting up your favorite charity to receive funds. We are happy to donate towards the non-profit you choose. Just contact us to inquire about how this works.

Blue Star Electronics Recycling would like to be your choice for technology recycling again for 2019.

Thank you for being our neighbors, friends and recycling partners.

Happy New Year!