Take Out the E-Trash – But in the Right Place

e waste dump

23 Aug Take Out the E-Trash – But in the Right Place

Since dumping electronic “trash” is not recommended, nor allowed, many people opt to leave it by the side of the road or give to someone else to “keep” or worry about – disposing off it for them.

Some people who “don’t have time” to properly rid themselves of their electronic waste, may disassemble it themselves where pieces end up back in the trash and ultimately in the landfills anyway. With proper education, and attention, we can dispose of it in a way that’s widely accepted.

San Francisco E-Waste will gladly take that waste off your hands. These professionals will find many uses for your discarded goods. After assessing your waste equipment, they will make a judgment call about recycling it, reclaiming, or remarketing the items or pieces once they have been picked up from you.

Why can’t I just dump my electronic waste, some ask. The environment cannot allow it. Just look at how polluted the landscape is now…How about in 20 years from now? What will it look like then? Our health is the most important factor, however. Toxins fill electronic waste, causing diseases, such as cancer. All that we ask is for everyone to be responsible, do the right thing, and breathe easier. Dispose of unwanted e-waste in the proper manner, which is to phone a reliable e-waste company – San Francisco E-Waste to pick it up…

Is it against the law to dump my waste in the landfill or in the garbage? Consider it to be, if nothing else…littering, which is, against the law. Leaving old technology alongside the road, in the landfills, near the water, or other places where it will wear down and toxins escape, can be – virtually, against the law, let alone hazardous.

We want a planet that’s free for us to roam and enjoy. We think of the future of our children, and where they play and study. Consider what they breathe. Is this what you want for your offspring in years to come? Is it what you want for them now?

Thank you for your incredible support of San Francisco E-Waste. We welcome your comments and calls to pick up what you no longer need; what you should no longer want.